What’s Next? The Question for Success

There’s an urban legend about the man who invented Coca-Cola. According to the story, when the man started out he only sold the Coca-Cola syrup to soda fountains. He was approached by a marketing genius who said he’d sell him a marketing strategy that was sure to make him a millionaire. But the advice was only two words and would cost him $500, a lot of money for the time. The Coca-Cola inventor decided to take a chance and paid the marketer $500. The man pocketed the money and said two words: “Bottle it.”

Of course, while this story is intriguing, it’s nothing more than a myth. The truth is that the owner of Coca-Cola was happy just making the syrup and sold the bottling rights to an independent company for $1. If you want to read about it, click here.

But while there are major differences between the myth and the reality, both stories still resonate with the same tone. They both look to the future and ask a simple question: “What’s Next?”
In today’s workforce, employers are looking for employees like you that aren’t afraid of that same question. Not only does it show that you’re looking to help the long-term success of the company, but it tells them that you’re willing to learn more and do more to be part of that success.

  • What’s the next task I can complete?
  • What’s the next thing I can help with?
  • What’s the next skill I can learn?
  • What’s the next thing I can do to better myself and my company?

From the creation of the original syrup and its distinctive bottle shape to the company’s international expansion and celebrated advertising marketing campaign, the people at Coca-Cola have always found success because they’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. They’ve continuously pushed their marketing to new levels.

By taking the same approach, you’ll begin to find your own success as you grow and develop in your career. Besides that, you’ll impress the heck out of your boss.

At Flex Tech, we believe good employees aren’t just the ones that have a lot of knowledge or skill. We look for candidates that push themselves to be better and aren’t satisfied until the job is done right. In short, we’re always looking for people that aren’t afraid to ask, “What’s Next?”

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