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A successful career takes more than hard work. It requires connections. FlexTech is not just an employer—we are your personal career advocate. With more than 6,000 clients and over 80,000 consultants contracted annually, our network offers endless contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement opportunities for applications, network infrastructure, communications and project management positions. A Flextech recruiter can offer you the right connections, insight, advice and representation to build a successful long-term career.

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The Five Things – Our Clients

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In order to offer up the best candidates to our clients, we make it a point to know as much about their business and operations as possible. To do this, we examine every client to determine the Five Things that make them successful. Products & Service Every client is different. They each offer specific services using products they’ve found to meet their needs most efficiently. In turn, their company becomes synonymous with those products and services. For example, years ago,…

Spreading Kindness in the Holiday Season

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When my daughters were younger, I frequently took them to the Fort Worth Zoo. They loved watching all the animals play and run. They even liked watching them enjoy some lazy naps. One time, while we were walking down the main pathway, we came across another family struggling to go up a flight of steps. The mom was holding the hand of their toddler and the dad was trying to carry the stroller up the steps by himself. Without hesitation,…

How to Make Yourself Indispensable

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Have you ever been laid off? I have. Six months into my first real job out of college, I was released so they could make room in the budget for a website developer. It was definitely not something I’d ever want to experience again. And I’m not the only one. In a 2014 Los Angeles Times article, it was reported that 20% of U.S. workers were laid off between the years 2009 and 2014. That’s one in five people. Today,…