Five things Listing

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    Product & Service

    Every client is different. They each offer specific services using products they have found to meet the needs of their clients efficiently. As a result, the company becomes known for this “specialization”, often becoming a Value Added Reseller carrying certifications and more. When we know the products and services offered by our clients, we are able to identify candidates that have a background in the service and experience with the product they use.

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    Industry specialization is a big part of our client’s success and it is just as important for us to identify candidates with similar specializations. We understand that a building is not just a building, so it is important for us to understand what industries our clients serve and the differences in these industries. For example, the environment of a hospital is very different from that of a school, corporate campus, commercial high rise, industrial or manufacturing facility. Having specific knowledge of our customers’ customers allows us to find candidates with the right kind of experience.

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    Sales Process

    No matter what we do, we are all sales people. We represent our employers in some form or fashion. Knowing the sales process for our client enables us to find candidates that are accustom
    to working in that kind of environment. Knowing whether a candidate will be expected to interact with the End User is a key to the success of that placement.

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    Performance Measurements

    How do we measure success? Project completion? Under budget? On time? Client satisfaction? Quality or appearance of a job well done? Of course, every client expects these things, but knowing how much emphasis is put on each allows us to know what the client expects of the candidates we offer. Finding candidates that are accustom to working under specific performance measurements is a key part to making a placement that cannot be pulled apart.

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    Competitive Advantage

    This is where we bring the whole thing together. As an employer we are forced to ask ourselves, “why is THIS candidate the best one for the job?” when in reality, it should be very obvious. Every candidate has a “competitive advantage” and it changes from one employer to the next. With one company it could be a certification on a specific product and with another it could be a relationship with a particular target client. It could be the ability to sell or service a specific niche in the field.

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