With all the effort given to filling a position, HR departments don’t always hire the right person for the job. Many times, they hire someone who doesn’t have the proper training or background to be successful, which means more time and money spent getting the new hire up to speed on what their job requires.

That’s why staffing agencies like Flex Tech are so important in filling your workforce needs. Their only focus is to match the right candidates with the right jobs.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider using a staffing agency the next time you need to fill a position at your company.


Knowledge of Talent Pool

Staffing agencies like Flex Tech have strong knowledge of the available talent pool for your open positions in the low voltage field. They know the talent and what they’re looking for in terms of salary expectations and career goals. Plus, they know their talents’ skillsets and therefore, they know who the best candidates are for your company’s needs.


Ability to Differentiate Applicant vs Candidate

Staffing companies like Flex Tech know the difference between an applicant and a candidate. With the extensive knowledge in industry specific candidates, they are only going to provide you with a candidate list that includes the best-qualified talent that matches the low voltage needs of your company.


Resources and Connections

The best recruiters use resources such as recruiting software and social media to build strong candidate lists. That includes finding the newest talent as well as maintaining a relationship with more experienced technicians that are passively searching for new positions.


Save You Time

Staffing companies save you time by providing a shortlist of qualified candidates. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of people out there that apply for jobs that they simply aren’t qualified for. Staffing agencies save you loads of time by weeding out those applicants and others that just aren’t a good fit for your company needs.


Direct Focus on Your Staffing Needs

Staffing agencies focus on what your hiring needs are. This allows you and your HR staff to take care of their other responsibilities with limited distractions. Plus, relying on an agency’s expertise will help prevent making costly hiring or recruitment mistakes, which is a very common worry among companies.


It Costs Less in the Long Run

Using an agency costs less than direct hiring. Because of their constant interactions with the available talent pool, agencies can create a candidate list quickly and efficiently, allowing you to start interviewing potential new hires as soon as you want. This means less impact on productivity as you’ll be able to fill the position sooner than if you had to post the position and wait for candidates to apply.

At Flex Tech, We Help You Acheive Your Staffing Goals

When looking to hire a new employee, find a staffing agency like Flex Tech that will help you not only find the best person for the job, but one that will help you find the best candidates for all of your future positions. That relationship will only benefit you in the long run.

Contact us today to see how you can benefit by working with Flex Tech.